Joe Hudicka is a legend in the information technology world.  He is an entrepreneur, big data pioneer, author, speaker, and expert in information architecture and business intelligence.  Joe launched into the global technology scene when he co-wrote a first of its kind book in 1998, Oracle8 Design Using UML Object Modeling, explaining how to utilize databases that are central to the design of the information technology applications.  

Joe Hudicka is one of the most respected application designers in the world.  Joe has worked with major companies such as Cablevision, Newsday, AMC Networks, Disney, and T-Mobile to design custom software to leverage “big data” and mobile/tablet devices to fuel organizational growth.

You need to set yourself apart from your competition by changing the norms, by being disruptive to the usual flow of information in the marketplace to have an impact.  Joe believes Clarity is the key to disruption. Joe developed The Clarity Innovation Process, which teaches organizations how to spot what is going to be disruptive, and how to create opportunities in the marketplace.

Joe earned a BS in Computer Information Systems and MBA from Rider University. He lives in Flemington, New Jersey with his wife, The Clarity Team, LLC president Lora Martinez, and their two children, “Little Joey” and Heidi.

Clearly, the innovation gene is strong in the Hudicka family.  Significant buzz is beginning to form around applications that Little Joey has come up with to teach entrepreneurship skills to children.  Joe and the IA team are proud to have Little Joey as one of their clients, as they have been working to make Little Joey’s innovative ideas into reality. As a result, Joe and The Clarity Team have built some unique apps, including, “Quota Crusher”,“Puckz”, and “Goalz”, apps which are helping to advance innovation across barriers of age, language, and geography.