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I was asked a very interesting question during an interview with Parents Magazine a couple years ago, and with Little Joey’s latest innovative launch App Inc., several parents are reaching out to me with the same question…

“How do we, as parents, encourage Joey and Heidi to want to learn about business?”

Well the simple and honest truth is, we don’t.

We listen to their interests, their ideas, and their passions.  And when a magic moment comes up, where their interests spawn a really cool idea that they’re super passionate about, we fuel it.

But it only works if the kids themselves are driving.

They don’t need to know how to drive, as long as they know where they want to go.

Kids are free of all the rules we grownups have been hindered by along our own journeys.

And when we as grownups invest the time to simply listen to kids ideas, we unlock our own imaginations and find that anything is possible, for the first time since we were kids ourselves.

When Joey invented his first board game, PUCKZ, at 5 years old, we were amazed.

When he was 7, he asked for help to turn that game into his first mobile app, we were amped, and eager to help.

And now at ripe old age of 11, Joey’s launching his third game, App Inc, which has us awestruck.

Because App Inc is so much more than just a game – Joey’s created a fast and fun way to teach kids of all ages how to be entrepreneurs, through a game he designed based on his own entrepreneurial journey.

Talk about fueling the future!

If you’re interested in helping kids fuel their future today, please sign up and join us in Productive Play!


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