I was really taken aback when a national conference awarded me the Speaker of the Year. As you read on, you’ll be able to appreciate just how difficult a task public speaking was for me and why.

I’ve struggled with a chronic cough since I was 5 years old. It became gradually worse as I got older, and I was mis-diagnosed with a variety of things along my journey. By 2003, while at my professional peak, I was forced to give up the one thing that was making me so successful – public speaking.

At the time, I was traveling the world giving technology presentations, so this was difficult to imagine.

The reality was that I could hardly finish a spoken sentence without coughing. I went from filling rooms with hundreds of folks eager to hear my experiences and insights, to barely being able to hold a one-on-one conversation.

Through largely self-diagnosis, blended with lots of trial and error, I managed to hold it at bay for about six months out of the year for several years, until it finally became unbearable.

But I kept searching and with good fortune found a Naturopath in NYC (Dr. Peter Bongiorno of Inner Source Health ( He invested the time to help me visualize what I was experiencing. I hung the picture up in the kitchen so I could view it every day, providing me with clarity of what I was experiencing and confidence that I was on the path to freedom.

And today, I can confidently say that I am celebrating my first cough-free year, probably ever!

This newfound confidence and clarity is allowing me to get back to what I do best:
Activating Innovators
Leveraging Technology
Fueling Growth

Little did I know, that my life’s biggest challenge would produce my greatest innovation – helping people think through ideas, visually!

So please reach out to me anytime at…I’m here to listen, to activate innovation and to fuel your growth!

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