By conducting visual conversations with artists doing live doodles as we spoke, a great pattern erupted.

Business and technology folks alike got really excited about these meetings and were equally active participants. Technology planning was no longer something to be feared, but something to embrace, something fun!

Visual Conversations also improved our off-shore productivity as well, because we nearly eliminated language barriers and misinterpretations. Instead conversations were like, “Did you get the wireframes?” and “Any Questions?”

We developed a series of custom templates and symbols – a visual language that was unique to each audience – where a picture literally became worth thousands of words. We call these pictures ClarityGraphics.

We no longer struggled through repeated spoken and written conversations in pursuit of stakeholder alignment. Each person participated in the development of the ClarityGraphics, and thus bought in from the get-go.

Project timelines were rapidly accelerated by Talking Visually. We organized our visual conversation techniques for custom software solutions into 4 phases – Clarity, Optimizer, The Sim and Active IP which help you think through your big idea and turn it into results, fast.

We’ve since named our visual conversation methodology, “Amplify Your Impact” and broadened it to facilitate any and all innovation conversations.

And now we’re creating the Innovation Lounge, a secure online space where innovators like you can share your idea with a small group of peers, or the entire world, and get it on the fast track to creating results for you and Amplifying Your Impact.

If you have an innovative idea, but aren’t yet committed to doing something with it, best keep it hidden from me – because once I hear about it, you’ll never get that genie back in its bottle…I will push to you achieve your innovation.

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