The #1 Dirty Little Secret of Smart Enterprises Going Mobile

The #1 Dirty Little Secret of Smart Enterprises Going Mobile

There’s a GREAT reason for enterprises to activate their own mobile strategies.  A reason so obvious, and so valuable, and it’s staring each and every one of us in the face increasingly more every day.

If you’re in the business world, you’ve got a smart phone.  Sure, you’re more connected than ever with your email and calendar in your pocket…but that’s so Y2K!

Yet you’ve been ok with that, because it’s lightyears ahead of the enterprise application software running your business

These legacy applications were designed by geeks…I’m a recovering geek, so I can say this!  And they were limited by the technological limits of pre Y2K computing hardware, software and networks.

My point here is that legacy applications – which were cutting edge just a short while ago – are just not tolerable to people anymore, and THAT’s because they’ve been living in the intuitive, beautiful landscape of mobile devices every waking second outside of their work hours…and they’re about to demand it for their work activities too.

So what exactly IS the dirty little secret of smart enterprises going mobile?

I bet it’s right in front of you right now, serving this insight up at the very moment you were looking for it.  And I’d also bet it’s all you see at the moment, helping you keep focus.

The secret is in fact the size of these mobile displays.  After decades of, “Bigger is Better” computing display advancement, the pendulum has swung the other way, with massive, world changing force.

Going mobile forces a new way of thinking.  Smaller displays force creativity, efficiency and process improvement – and while these things gave rise to your enterprise in the first place, they’ve likely been stifled in favor of rigid routines.

Enterprises make complexity routine, then struggle to innovate when the time comes again.   Innovation requires both sides of the brain to kick in full gear – creative and analytical – design and process.

Smart enterprises are looking at, “the way we’ve always done it” through a much smaller, more focused window – the mobile device – are they seeing the future before you?

Are you creating the future, or letting it pass you by?


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