The #1 Reason won “Most Innovative Company” 3 years straight!

The #1 Reason won “Most Innovative Company” 3 years straight! has long been lauded for transforming the enterprise computing marketplace, reducing operational overhead, eliminating maintenance, and unleashing new capabilities every year.

But there’s a far more valuable reason that deserves this distinction…an innovation multiplier effect.

Innovation is stifled by traditional enterprise processes.  Business “users” come up with great ideas for improvement everyday…some even get to the point of a “Requirements Meeting” with IT…but most, if not all, fall in the bit bucket and go nowhere. is rocket fuel for these enterprise innovators, removing the restraints and providing the sandbox to play in – they even call it the sandbox, how cool is that?!?

We know of one enterprise who recently transformed their entire sales process through a custom tablet application, made possible by the Touch Platform.

One application now gives their account executives the ability to visually map out their accounts and opportunities, share digital resources like videos and brochures, and complete electronic orders.

It even runs in offline mode, so spotty internet access does not disrupt field sales activities.

And thanks to, this was all accomplished in less than 6 months for a sales team of 100+ reps.

That’s innovation – with a multiplier effect!


Would you like to know more?  Email me, I’ll be glad to introduce you to the “Chief Innovation Officer” behind this amazing app 🙂

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