Joe Hudicka is a rock star in the information technology world. He is entrepreneurial, a big data / analytics pioneer, an author, a public speaker, and an expert in customized software solutions and business process automation.  Joe launched into the global technology scene when he co-wrote a first of its kind book in 1998, Oracle8 Design Using UML Object Modeling, explaining how to utilize databases that are central to the design of information technology applications. 

Today, Joe is one of the most respected enterprise system and mobile application designers in the world.  His Transformative Clarity Process™ inspired the launch of The Clarity Team, an organization that specializes in custom software solutions for businesses.  His most recent ventures have been in mobile sales effectiveness and global supply chain management.

Through his high energy and interactive keynotes, Joe shares with his audiences how to be disruptive with their sales strategy by harnessing the power of mobile technology and enterprise systems. He shares the secrets to success, such as why leaders need to have a mobile enterprise sales strategy if they want real-time, accurate sales data. Finally, audiences leave with simple tips they can use to win buy-in at their companies for a mobile sales strategy.

Joe listens to your needs as a client and then customizes his keynote to achieve the goals and objectives you set for your event.

Below is the list of Joe’s speaking topics:


The Dirty Secret for Changing Enterprise Systems to Mobile Platforms

If you’re in the business world, you’ve got a smartphone.  Sure, you’re more connected than ever with your email and calendar in your pocket…but that’s so Y2K! Each day your employees live in the intuitive, beautiful landscape of mobile devices every waking second outside of their work hours…and they’re about to demand it for their work activities, too.   As a leader, are you prepared?

As a recovering enterprise application software designer, Joe Hudicka shares why legacy enterprise applications are stifling employee productivity, creativity, and innovation in favor of rigid routines.  Today’s smart entrepreneurs who want to boost sales and employee productivity are changing from “the way we’ve always done it” to a much smaller, more focused platform – the mobile device.   Yet, if you consider the mobile landscape five years ago to today, change has occurred exponentially.  Five years from now, it will change radically once again.  You need to have a fluid platform that can take advantage of the newest features mobile technology offers, rather than being stuck in the past with inflexible software and hardware.  Are you trailblazing the future, or are you letting new technology leave you in the dust?

In the session, Joe shares what it means to go mobile.   He will go over the keys to success, and the pitfalls to avoid.  Joe will present the key profitability and productivity arguments that can win buy-in from senior management and employees to creating a mobile-based strategy.   What do you need to do today to change your business model to effectively adapt to employees demanding mobile technology needs?

The New Sales Tool:  Using Mobile Technology to Accelerate Your Sales and Fuel Growth

Every day, leaders are incorporating more new technology into their projects to achieve their organizational goals.  Companies spend over $12 billion a year on Customer Relations Management (CRM) technology, only to have sales reps report their activities long after they occur.  As a result, management has little or no visibility into activities as they occur.  Sales process problems go undetected until they are far down the pipeline, when it’s often too late to fix.

As an expert in Big Data, designing enterprise systems, and mobile technology, Joe Hudicka takes the audience on a fast-paced look at the power and opportunities that mobile technology provides, how to utilize it, and how enterprise mobile technology is changing the sales process.  Hudicka shares:

  • How to get Clarity with a mobile strategy for your business
  • What to look for in mobile applications, and when to avoid wasting your money
  • How to use mobile technology to accelerate sales
  • How customizable mobile applications are the future of technology
  • How you can get a leg up on your competition by optimizing your apps for the future

The Clarity Experience- Unlocking the Power of Disruption

With the rise of Big Data, social media, and mobile/tablet devices, technology is leveling the playing field by allowing small and large companies to compete against each other.  But being disruptive isn’t so much about being first to market, but the ability, skill, and know-how to shatter norms and create opportunities.    As an expert in Big Data, business intelligence, and mobile technology, Joe Hudicka believes Clarity is the key to disruption.  He has developed The Clarity Innovation Process, in which organizations take their world changing idea to implementation.

From his experience of working with companies such as CableVision, T-Mobile, and Disney to create, design, and implement customized technology, Joe shows audiences how to spot what is going to be disruptive and how to create opportunities in the marketplace.  Through a mixture of stories, presentation, and interactive exercises, the audience will learn:

  • How to get Clarity around disruption.  What to look for and avoid.
  • How to spot, tap, and exploit opportunities.
  • Why collaboration and mobile technology is the future to increasing customer engagement and driving organizational growth and sales