The Clarity Team amplifies your impact.  The Clarity Team is a design and innovation firm.  The Clarity Team develops and builds innovative mobile solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.  We work with clients like Cablevision and partners such as to offer add-on products and services to their own customers and clients. Over the last few years we’ve also worked with clients as diverse as AMC Networks, Atlas Air, Disney, Fidelity Investments, and T-Mobile.

What distinguishes what we do is as much about our process as it is about the final product. It’s an innovative series of steps called Clarity.  This high interactive and hands on approach helps our clients to see and understand what they really need and want. We then build a customized application engineered to exceed their expectations.

What makes us different from other design firms is we are transparent about our process and clients are an integral and integrated part of the Clarity Innovation Process. We’re not just talking about a brief meeting. It is a full brainstorming and design session.

I’m Lora Martinez, founder of The Clarity Team, and I’m passionate about engaging my clients in an ideation process to figure out what is truly unique about their company.

It’s our job to capture those ideas and to execute – to turn concepts into visual models and then into products and services that not only work but will also blow away the competition. For Cablevision, for example, we customized the proprietary “Quota Crusher” mobile sales effectiveness tool. This tool is a sales prospecting activity system that optimizes the selection of prospective leads.  We also created an all-in-one mobile prospecting and electronic ordering tablet app, loaded with digital marketing and sales tools that gave their account executives a professional edge over the competition.

I am proud to be uniquely positioned to lead the The Clarity Team’s group of designers and engineers, many of who have worked together for decades.  I have amassed over 20 years of experience in project management, overseeing the direction of projects from start to finish. I thrive when leveraging critical thinking and problem solving skills together with my experience and training as an artist bring a fresh perspective and ensure the quality of the Clarity process.

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Lora Martinez

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